We Couldn’t Have Done it without You!

We Couldn’t Have Done it without You!

We have finally launched Voki for Education and could not have been more pleased with the results! We’d like to thank you for “hanging in there” and for taking the time to share with us how you would like to see Voki improve.

Thanks to you, Voki is now simpler to use, includes more features, encourages community engagement, and is more reliable and classroom-friendly than ever! We hope you enjoy Voki for Education as much as we do. Here are some highlights:

  • You can now post your Voki to Facebook! You asked for it and we delivered. You can now share your Voki with all of your Facebook friends by easily posting it to your wall.
  • We’ve made posting to your blog or site as easy as clicking on an icon. Just click on the icon, log in, and your Voki is posted automatically!
  • Don’t have a blog or site? No problem. We now offer a Voki link! Copy your Voki link (URL) and paste it into your browser … or email it to a friend … or paste it into your PowerPoint … or … well, you get the idea. There’s never been an easier way to share Voki!
  • Got a question or want to share a tip? Join the Teacher’s Corner community, where you can engage with other educators, ask questions about Voki.com, and share your Voki tips and tricks.
  • To further the use of technology in the classroom, we now offer a Lesson Plan Database where educators can browse and use new Voki lesson plans. And we’re always looking for more great Voki lesson plans from great educators!

Again, thank you for sticking with Voki and for helping us spread the word about our free online educational tool!

The Voki Team

8 thoughts on “We Couldn’t Have Done it without You!

  1. I am a teacher librarian in an Australian Primary school and I have introduced Voki to many of the teachers on staff. We love it! Unfortunately the Department of education blocks your Voki Education site for primary students. Apparently the reason they block Voki is because you have in your terms and conditions that students need to be 13 years old to create an account. Is it possible to change that?


  2. Voki is a cool tool!! It would be GREAT to be able to EMBED (rather than link) a voki in a PowerPoint, Prezi, Word document, etc. I wonder if/when that functionality will be available??


    1. This is an “experts only” response. I think most of us would like a “beginners” method more akin to insert or copy/paste. Any way to do that? Thanks!


    1. Hi There!

      I believe you are referring to the option to send a Voki to a friend via email. For this feature, we don’t record information about emails sent. If this is regarding another feature, please email as much information as possible to feedback@voki.com so we can discuss it further.



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