New in Voki Classroom: Teacher IDs

New in Voki Classroom: Teacher IDs

We recently introduced a small-but-nifty new feature, based on feedback from Voki Classroom users.

Each student login that is created by Voki Classroom is based on a student’s name and the teacher’s email address. So, a student login might look like this:

The issue(s): Many teachers use their personal email address for their Voki account, and they are not eager for this to appear in the student login. Also, using the full teacher email means that student logins could get quite loooooong.

The solution – Teacher IDs: To overcome these issues, we implemented the Teacher ID feature. If defined by you (the teacher), the Teacher ID will replace your email address in student logins. Clearly, a Teacher ID can shorten and simplify student logins, while also removing your email address from their logins.

The Teacher ID can include any combination of letters, numbers, and the underscore character, but it must be unique (like you!). Since Voki Classroom is only about 1 month old, most of the cool Teacher ID’s are still available. So, if you set your Teacher ID to, say, “Mrs.Farmer”, your student logins will look like this: First.Last:Mrs.Farmer. Much shorter and easier to remember!

UPDATE: Here’s how to set up your Teacher ID:

  1. Log in to Voki Classroom and click on the My Account tab.
  2. Under Personal Settings, next to Teacher ID, click Edit.
  3. Enter a unique Teacher ID and click Save. That’s it!
  • To learn more about the Teacher ID, click the (?) symbol next to “Teacher ID”
  • Remember: Once you create/ edit a Teacher ID, your students’ logins will also be updated – make sure you provide them with the updated login info.

Let us know what you think about Teacher IDs!




Next time, we’ll introduce you to two (and a half) New sections in Voki Classroom.

Until then,

The Voki Team

4 thoughts on “New in Voki Classroom: Teacher IDs

    1. Hi Yolanda,

      Quite right! We just included an UPDATE (above) about how to create the Teacher ID.

      Regarding Lesson Web Pages – those are created automatically when a new lesson is added.
      – To configure youe lesson’s Web page, click on the Configure icon (the small tools) next to the lesson name.
      – To hide the lesson and its Web page (from everyone), check the box under Hidden (next to the lesson description), and click orange the SAVE CHANGES button.


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