Voki Character Ideas

Voki Character Ideas

We love getting feedback and comments from our Voki users. So let’s keep that feedback coming!

To celebrate the start of a new school year, Voki is planning to add some new characters to the Voki editor. And we would love it if you share actual Voki ideas with us!

If you think you have great character ideas, accessories design, or even a theme you want to see on Voki, share it with us! Send us your ideas at feedback@voki.com or share it with us on our Facebook and Twitter (@officialvoki)!

Until next time,

The Voki Team

3 thoughts on “Voki Character Ideas

    1. Hi Jill!

      If you are using PowerPoint 2012, you can just embed it by clicking on the Insert tab->Movie->Video from Web Site and paste the Voki embed code! But you can always insert your Voki into your PowerPoint as a video file! Check out this post to see how to save your Voki as a video file:https://blog.voki.com/2011/03/28/voki-tip-of-the-week-save-your-voki-as-a-video-file/

      The easiest way is just grabbing your Voki link and pasting it on your PowerPoint!


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