News Flash: Use Voki on Apple and Android Devices!

News Flash: Use Voki on Apple and Android Devices!

Here at Voki, we are constantly looking for ways to improve the way students and teachers use Voki! Today, we have very great news for you! Voki users can now access the Voki site with Puffin Academy! Puffin Academy is designed for K12 kids and teens. It’s a free app and can access approved educational web sites.

What’s even better? It’s available on Apple AND Android devices! Download it here:

itunes button google button

Follow these instructions once you downloaded the app:

1. Open Puffin Academy app on your mobile device.

2. Search for Voki.

3. Click Go.


As an alternative to Puffin Academy, Voki users can also download the free Puffin Browser here:

itunes button google button

1. Open the free Puffin Browser on your mobile device.

2. Go to


Note: Although the free Puffin Browser allows users to access any website, this browser may contain contents that are unsuitable for younger students. We highly recommend teachers and parents use Puffin Academy instead.

What are you waiting for? Download the app today and start creating your Voki!

If you have questions, comments, or feedbacks for Voki, please send an email to email to!

Until next time,

The Voki Team

8 thoughts on “News Flash: Use Voki on Apple and Android Devices!

  1. I filled out the questions to renew my

    voki acct. I would appreciater yuour confirmation, in order for me to be sure my acct. w´ont be closed.

    thank you,

    Augusto Gutierrez


    1. Hi Terry,

      The local mic input would not be picked up by the remote browser.The app is streaming an interactive remote browser session screen capture to your devices, as rendering the Flash content is done on the cloud servers to get it into iPads in real-time.

      The Voki Team


      1. Yes, I download, so what next should I do? I mean I still don’t know how to change Voki to video by using Puffin Academy

        Best regards and wishing you happy everyday😊

        > 在 2015年5月15日,06:43,The Official Voki Blog 写道: > > >


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