Hello world!

Hello world!

Yes, Hello World!

Welcome to the all-new (and much improved) Voki for Education Blog! We’re thrilled to have our blog up and running. We have a ton of great content to share with you and we’re excited that you’re here!

Some of what you can expect to see on this blog includes:

  • News: The latest from the new Voki for Ed.
  • More news: Our take on, and links to, developments in educational technology.
  • Interviews (text and video) from Educators about how they use Voki. If you’d like to be interviewed (and featured in our blog), email us.
  • How-to’s: Ideas, tips, tricks, and new ways to use Voki. If you’re new to Voki and want to learn the basics, visit the Newbie’s Corner.
  • Guest bloggers: Exclusive posts by influential education/ ed-tech bloggers. If you’d like to contribute as a guest blogger, email us.

If you’d like to stay in touch, we’d love it if you joined us on Twitter and on Facebook, where we post regular updates.

2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. I have tried to publish my student’s vokis but when I click publish I do not see an embed code. I used to but I don’t now. Any ideas anyone???


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