New Lesson Plans for the New School Year

New Lesson Plans for the New School Year

School has already begun and we are sure you have a lot on your to-do list. Here at Voki, we are working hard to help you prepare for the new school year on the technology front! We have added many new lesson plans that do not take long to complete, and don’t require much prep time. These are great for re-introducing your students to Voki and to your subject (in case they forgot anything over the summer…it happens).

The new lesson plans cover a variety of topics and span from kindergarten to 12th grade. Below are several examples of new lesson plans, now available in Voki’s Lesson Plan Database:

  • Discovering Your Intelligence: Students create a Voki to elaborate and speak about their favorite hobby.
  • Classroom Topic of the Week: Students follow a current event and create a Voki presentation. Perfect for Social Studies!
  • The Meaning of a Poem: Students analyze a poem by using their intuition and personal opinions. This allows them to feel more engaged with poetry and more confident with literary analysis.
  • Guess Who with Voki: A fun game of guess who? with historical figures will keep students entertained and informed.
  • Elicited Opinions of History: Students form concise arguments based off of their opinions of the current topic or debate in class.

Each lesson contains the intended grade level and subject(s), the time recommended for completion, resources needed, as well as a list of objectives and activities. Each lesson is easy to follow and can be adapted according to your own personal teaching style.

Remember, Voki lesson plans are completely free – and are our way of thanking you for using Voki for education.

As always, we are interested in hearing about the Voki lessons you have used in class. If you have a lesson plan that uses Voki and you would like to share, please email us at

Happy teaching!

The Voki Team

2 thoughts on “New Lesson Plans for the New School Year

  1. I am having difficulty with the basics. I created an account by registering my email address and password. I created a voki and gave it a name. When I sign in to my account I cannot find my previously created voki file. Do I have to pay for access to voki files?


    1. Hi Maria,

      Thank you for your comment. Basic Voki is a free service so you should be able to save your characters. (Please note that some characters can only be saved if you are a Voki Classroom subscriber. You will see a notice about this if you try and save an exclusive character.)

      The Voki Support Team will be following up with you. For now, I recommend that you simply refresh the page. This might do the trick. Let us know if that works.


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