Voki Classroom: More New Updates

Voki Classroom: More New Updates

We’ve just introduced some exciting updates to Voki Classroom, and we wanted to share them with you. There’s nothing you need to do; these changes are already “live” in your account!

Voki Classroom is getting easier to use and navigate thanks to your suggestions! Our newest upgrades and updates for version 1.2 include some minor changes that make a big difference and help make your (and your students’) Voki experience more valuable. Take a look at the main changes below – you might even recognize your suggestion!

  • Additional Students and Classes – The current student limit per teacher (100) is more than enough for most teachers. However, some of you superstars have even more than 100 students (incredible!) with whom you’d like to use Voki. The same holds true for the 5 class limit. So, if you need more student accounts, or more classes, you can now easily add more of each. Simply click on My Account, and you’ll see your current limit, as well as what you’re currently using. Next to your Classes and Student Account info, you’ll see a link to Add More. Additional Student accounts come in batches of 10 ($0.50 per student), and individual Classes cost $5.00 each. Remember: Each Voki Classroom Class can have multiple Assignments!
  • Review Tab Filters – Searching for submitted student work can be difficult, but with our new filtering options on the review tab, finding specific items is easier. When you go to the Review Tab, the display will always show scenes that belong to one class. You will be able to filter the information shown by Class, Assignments within the Class,  or Students for the selected Class or Assignment. Also, the Review tab view will now land on the Ready for Review view by default (as opposed to All). This means that your Review section will now load even faster! Finally, if you are reviewing Vokis in a certain Class, when you navigate away from Review, and then come back later, your last selection will be remembered, so you don’t have to re-select the Class you were working on!
  • Time Stamp on the Review & Student View – This one was very important to many of you… Now, when you review students work, you’ll see a “time stamp” (date and time the Voki was saved by the student). Like the teacher always says, “Don’t forget to put your name and date at the top of your paper!” The timestamp will be visible to both you and the student who created the Voki.
  • Embed Button in Student View – Many of you have class (or student) websites and blogs, where you would like students to embed their finished Vokis. Now, students have an EMBED button for each Voki, right there in the student view. After a Voki is approved by the teacher, the EMBED button in the Student View becomes clickable. When clicked, it will open the sharing/ embedding window. Note: students will only be able to click the EMBED button after you have approved their Voki.
To check out these updates now, Log in to your Voki Classroom account.
We hope you continue to enjoy Voki Classroom and that you get even more value from these changes. As always, we want Voki to be a tool that works seamlessly into your classes and busy schedule.
If you have any suggestions, lease feel free to click the FEEDBACK tab in Voki Classroom, or email us at feedback@voki.com – we consider each and every suggestion! That’s all for now – stay tuned in to learn about future changes and updates to Voki and Voki Classroom!

Until next time,

The Voki Team

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