Voki Classroom Student Logins Successfully Changed

Voki Classroom Student Logins Successfully Changed

The Voki Team is constantly working on improving your experience with Voki. We recently updated Voki Classroom Student Login names to make them shorter and easier to remember. This change was made due to the input we received from teachers like you and we have so far seen a very positive response!

You may read more about this new feature on our previous blog entry Voki Classroom Student Logins are Being Changed.

We are thrilled that everyone is pleased with the improvement and are happy to report that there was little confusion from students and teachers about this change.

Teacher feedback plays a large role in determining the direction for Voki. We greatly appreciate your suggestions. Should you have any ideas for improving Voki, please leave a comment below or email us at feedback@voki.com.

Thank you!

The Voki Team

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