Voki Lesson Plans: Lessons in Music, Rhythm, and Rhyme

Voki Lesson Plans: Lessons in Music, Rhythm, and Rhyme

Tra la la! Summertime is near and we bet you and your students hear the summer breeze beckoning you like a song. This May, indulge in that spirit of music and have fun with rhythm and rhyme!

We have developed three music lesson plans that will get you and your students to use imagination and timing to create fun and interactive musical atmospheres. Your class will be able to think about what they will learn in the future by singing a fun song, make up lyrics that rhyme, sing with enthusiasm and learn how to describe music with emotion words!

Sing Out Loud and Learn (Music, Kindergarten) – Students start their school year with a song that talks about all of the new things they will learn in kindergarten. After learning the song and singing it out loud together, students will create a Voki that talks about the things they hope to learn. This activity will help students think about abstract ideas and will be fun to revisit at the end of the year with students and parents.

Down By the Bay (Music, 1st Grade) – Down by the Bay will introduce students to melody, rhythm and rhyming lyrics. Students will learn about singing expressively with their own voice and using tone and pitch to give words emotion and dramatic appeal. Students will create Vokis that sing Down by the Bay with their own made-up lyric.

Describing Music with Emotion Words (Music, 2nd Grade) – Students will develop an understanding of the emotional characteristics of music by learning and using new music vocabulary. The vocabulary includes adjectives that will help students visualize sound and better relate to the music on an emotional level. Students will create Vokis that describe their favorite songs with their new vocabulary.

Singing out loud together in class is an engaging activity that will bring out the best of your class. These interactive singing activities were created to improve students understanding of musical concepts and to boost the happiness level of each class. So stop talking and get singing!

Check out more ways to teach with Voki by visiting our Lesson Plan Page. And if you would like to contribute a lesson plan, please send us an email to lessonplans@voki.com.

Until Next Time,

The Voki Team

3 thoughts on “Voki Lesson Plans: Lessons in Music, Rhythm, and Rhyme

    1. Hi There!
      We don’t quite understand your question. Are you looking for a better idea of which lessons are best for which age groups or levels? All 3 Music lesson plans are geared toward younger students around the age of 5-10. If that doesn’t answer your question, please email us with a little more information at feedback@voki.com.


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