Voki Lesson Plans: Ni Hao! Let’s learn Chinese!

Voki Lesson Plans: Ni Hao! Let’s learn Chinese!

Dà jiā hǎo!

Summer vacation is finally here! We prepared 3 new lesson plans to keep your students thinking during vacation or incorporate into the next school year.

The theme of July’s lesson plans is basic Chinese language. It’s a great way to explore a new language and culture! This series of lessons are unique as they work well individually as well as a way to build on previous knowledge.

Getting to know people in MandarinIn this lesson, students will learn how to introduce themselves and few simple Chinese phrases, including “Good morning”, “Nice to meet you”, and “Good bye”. They are taught the different between difference phrases between the different tones used in Mandarin Chinese. Students will take turns introducing themselves to other students. Using Voki, students will create a Voki introducing themselves in Chinese.

Small Talk in Mandarin ChineseStudents will review the phrases taught in the previous lesson. They will learn the difference between the formal “you” and the informal “you”. Students will learn short phrases, such as “How are you?” and “Are you busy?”. They will practice the phrases taught with other students. For homework, students will be required to create two Vokis using the phrases taught in class.

Counting in Mandarin ChineseIn this lesson, there will be an extensive review of the phrases taught in the last two lessons. In addition, students are taught how to count in Chinese. Teachers will show the different hand gestures related to each number and the different counting rules for Chinese numbers. Students are taught simple phrases using the numbers taught. Students will introduce themselves with a Voki utilizing all the phrases taught.

Check out our Voki Lesson Plan Database for more interesting ways to teach! If you have a lesson plan that you would like to contribute, please send us an email at lessonplans@voki.com.

Until Next Time,

The Voki Team


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