Voki Lesson Plans: A Day in Ancient Civilizations

Voki Lesson Plans: A Day in Ancient Civilizations

A date with Napoleon? A discussion with Galileo? Escaping Pompeii before the eruption of Mount Vesuvius?

It would be great if we can time travel and learn about the past. We could watch the Titanic set sail on her maiden voyage, go on a field trip to the Roman Colosseum, or even shake hands with George Washington! Wouldn’t that be exciting?

Too bad we can’t time travel, but we can still learn about the past! This month’s theme is Ancient Civilizations and we’ve prepared 3 new lessons plans your students are sure to enjoy!

The Inca Empire – In this lesson, students will learn about the Inca Empire. Students will learn about the Inca geography, government, their laws, and how the Incas travelled. Students will discuss what they would do if they were the Inca Emperor. The class will learn about Inca legends/myths and how it shaped their beliefs. Students will research and create a Voki on an Inca legend/myth.

Ancient Greece – Students will research about the different elements of ancient Greek civilization and how it influenced modern day culture. They will be separated into groups to do research and will create 3 Vokis to present their findings.

Ancient India – This lesson will teach students about the Indus Valley and where it was located. Students will learn about the daily lives of the Indus Valley people lived by doing research. They will use Voki to describe what their life would be like if they lived in the Indus Valley.

 Remember: The grade level assigned to each lesson plan is not set in stone. You can use Voki lesson plans for a higher, or lower, grade than the one you teach. Feel free to customize the lesson plans to for your needs. These Voki lesson plans can be adapted to fit your style or your students’ abilities!

Do you have a lesson plan that you want to share? Just send us an email at lessonplans@voki.com!

Until Next Time,

The Voki Team

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