Guest Blogger: Shana Ellason

Guest Blogger: Shana Ellason

Our students are growing up in a digital age where they can show their creativity through oodles of different media opportunities. Educational technology is engaging and can hold their attention span without them even knowing they are learning in the process. However, many students are still held captive in the pencil-paper classroom. So, why not tap into that engagement by bringing technology into the classroom? That’s why I love and recommend Voki to all educators. Voki is a fun way of introducing technology into your lessons. Teachers love it because it motivates students to showcase their knowledge. Students love it because they can be creative in their work while designing their own avatar from a variety of character and setting choices. The coolest thing about Voki is it allows you to record your own audio for the avatar by phone, uploading an audio file, or the text-to-speech feature. Voki is appropriate for any age or grade level from early childhood to adults. Here are a few ideas on how to integrate Voki into your classroom.

  • Have students record themselves reading a poem or passage. It is a great way to practice fluency, expression, and intonation.
  • Students can summarize a story.
  • For students that are shy and timid, Voki is an ideal method to deliver speeches or presentations. They don’t have to feel embarrassed to get up in front of their peers; instead they can have their Voki do it for them!
  • English language learners can build confidence by practicing vocabulary skills.
  • Emergent readers and writers can demonstrate their knowledge of content orally by retelling.
  • Have students debate a topic with each other’s Voki.
  • Students can explain a math formula, science hypothesis, or theory.
  • They can recite fast facts about a topic.
  • It can be a great way to do an “About Me” at the beginning of the school year to learn about one another.
  • Teachers and students can make Who am I? or What am I? Voki’s.
  • Teachers can use it as an instructional tool for recording directions for centers or homework.
  • Teachers can record classroom sing-along songs.

The possibilities are endless!

Here is an example of a kindergarten student singing the Days of the Week song. We only did one take so you’ll notice she has a challenge saying Saturday, but what a way to practice the days!

Here is a Who am I? example.

Another wonderful feature of Voki, you can share all your awesome creations through email, website link, or embed it within your blog or website. So what are you waiting for? Have fun getting your Voki on!


For Shana’s blog, go here: Enchanted with Technology

Follow Shana on Twitter: @sellason


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