Interviews with Educators | Lindsey Griesse

Interviews with Educators | Lindsey Griesse

This month, we have a great interview with Ms. Lindsey Griesse from Asbell Emenetary in Fayetteville, AK. She worked used Voki with her first grade class. If you missed her video, check it out here:


Now… on with the interview!

Who am I?
My name is Lindsey Griesse. I work at Asbell Elementary in Fayetteville, Arkansas. This is my third year of teaching. I have been a Voki user since February of this year.

Why do I use Voki?
I have several goals when I use Voki. One is that my students will be excited to create something that they can actually see. Being able to hear their own writing with a character they create puts more ownership and accountability for my students. I also want them to be able to edit their writing. They want their Voki to be correct, so they are more willing to go back and make sure all spelling, punctuation and word usage is correct. I use Voki with any type of writing project. I can check their understanding with any subject. I have used it to check comprehension on books we have read, new science concepts, as well as writing projects. Instead of just writing a response on a piece of paper, I send them to a computer to create a Voki for their response.

Kudos to Voki
One of my favorite things about Voki is that students can have their own opinion on what their Voki will look like. It encourages creativity and originality in my students. The second is that it is so easy for my students to use and navigate. The page is easy to understand and it does not take too much practice to get the hang of using it. I can have my students get to a computer and do a Voki with ease. The third thing I like about Voki is that as a teacher I can review all the assignments using my own account. This makes grading quick and stress-free for me. I do not have to deal with a million different logins and passwords. I have enough of those already! If I could add anything to Voki I would make the text box for the typing bigger and easier to see. Sometimes it is hard for my students to see the text they are typing within that little box. But I love this program and encourage educators with any age group to try it with their own class!

Lindsey also made a Prezi:

If you can’t view Lindsey’s Prezi here, click the picture below to open the link!



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One thought on “Interviews with Educators | Lindsey Griesse

  1. Thanks for featuring Lindsey! She is an awesome teacher who demonstrates life-long learning for her students. Her use of this tool is just another example of how she engages and inspires her students.
    Jenny Gammill
    Dir. of K-12 Science and Instructional Technology
    Fayetteville Public Schools


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