Voki Tip of the Week: Embed Voki on Prezi

Voki Tip of the Week: Embed Voki on Prezi

We have a lot of teachers who uses Prezi for class and Prezi does not have an option to insert an embed code. Don’t worry; we have a solution for showing off your Voki on Prezi. Just follow these simple steps!

  1. Go to www.voki.com.
  2. Create and publish your Voki.
  3. Save your Voki as a video file. (Note: For instructions on how to save your Voki as a video, please read this Tip of the Week.)
  4. Go to www.prezi.com.
  5. Log into your Prezi account.
  6. Click on New Prezi.Prezi1
  7.  Select a template.Prezi2
  8. Click on Insert.
  9. Select From File (PDF, video)…Prezi3
  10. Find your Voki video file and wait for the video to process.Prezi4
  11. Save your Prezi.Prezi5
  12. To save and close your Prezi, click Exit.Prezi6

If you have any feedback, comments, or questions, send an email to feedback@voki.com!

Until next time,

The Voki Team

4 thoughts on “Voki Tip of the Week: Embed Voki on Prezi

    1. Hi Jocelyn,

      Once you created your Voki and added a voice, just click the publish button. To create a Voki, go to http://www.voki.com/create.php. After publishing your Voki, you have the option to embed it (using the embed code), share it on Facebook/Twitter/personal blog, or you can grab the direct link to the Voki.


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