Voki is giving away an iPAD!

Voki is giving away an iPAD!

Banner Mock-up4Voki is giving away an iPad! All you need to do is “Like” Voki and enter your contest entry! It only takes two minutes to complete your entry.

The objective is to correctly guess the name of our upcoming new Voki product.

The contest will soon be over, but so far no correct entries have been submitted. This means your odds of winning are very high if you submit the right answer!

To help you solve this puzzle, take a look at some of our recent clues:


Voki Clue #12: Easily adding different Vokis to your SLIDES!

Voki Clue #14: With Voki as your virtual assistant on your SLIDES, you can focus more on your students!

Voki Clue #15: Capture your students’ attention with fun PRESENTATIONS.


For a full list of clues visit the Voki Blog.

To enter the contest, go to our contest page. Do it now because the contest will soon be over, and you will have missed your opportunity!


Good luck!

The Voki Team

P.S. Since you read this far, how about a secret extra clue, just for you? The new product’s name starts with the letter P and ends with an R !  (Shhhh…)

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