What is a Flipped Classroom?

What is a Flipped Classroom?

imagesMore and more educators are experimenting with flipped classroom. In a traditional classroom setting, the teacher gives a lecture and assigns reading materials and homework questions. Students are required to take notes and they follow instructions given by teachers.

But within a flipped classroom, the lectures and assignments are reversed. This means that lectures/class materials are viewed by students at home before the class and the class-time is devoted to different exercise, hands-on projects and/or discussions. Students can learn at their own pace and receive support from peers and teacher. With a flipped classroom, teachers can be more involved with student learning and provide support to students who need extra practice.

What happens if you’re a first time flipper? The Journal has some very nice tips that you should pay attention to when starting your first flipped class. Some tips for first time flippers are to have a set plan/strategy and start small. If you want to read the entire article, click here.

It might be difficult to try and change your class into a flipped class. Here at Voki, we suggest that you start off small. We are sure that you are already using some form of technology in class (like Voki)! So start off with a technology that you are familiar with and explore different technologies on your free time!

Remember, this is a learning process for you and your students. So just sit back, learn and enjoy it! Have you tried out a flipped classroom, and how is it working out for you? Let us know in the comments below.

Until next time,

Eva D.

The Voki Team

1560505_10152516453053764_8553617582835278394_nBio: Eva is the Community Manager for Voki and is part of the Marketing Team at Oddcast. She enjoys playing the piano and knitting on her free time. (She’s also a Rubik’s cube master!) She loves to hear your feedback and comments for Voki!

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