Voki Guest Blogger: Kimberly Munoz

Voki Guest Blogger: Kimberly Munoz

As a Tech Apps teacher, I was always looking for relevant web tools that my students could use in my class and in others. Voki is a great educational technology tool because it teaches technology skills, and engages students in the content the teacher is presenting. If you’ve never used Voki before, it is simply a website that allows you to create a talking avatar! I’ve used Voki in my classroom for the past several years and my students loved it every time!


The most popular project I did with my students, using Voki, was the character analysis they were required to do over one person in the book, “The Giver.” It was a cross-curricular project between me and another English teacher. The students had to choose an avatar and edit their features to resemble the character as close as possible. Then, they were suppose to make the avatar explain who their character was in the book and what part they played in the story. Here is the link to their finished products. I love that you can publish their work just like I did here! http://greetingsbyvoki.wikispaces.com/


You can embed Voki’s on blogs and webpages. I’ve taught my students to create welcome messages to post on their blogs. It’s a great way to personalize content and show a bit of personality as well, which is why I think students love this tool so much! If you haven’t tried Voki yet, you are missing out!


Kimberly Munoz

Instructional Technologist

Franklin ISD


15 years teaching experience



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