3 Holiday Activities for Teachers

3 Holiday Activities for Teachers

holiday-gift_88664923_1500pxYes, ‘tis the season for some good holiday activities in class! You students’ attention is probably on the upcoming holiday break. So try out these fun activities to keep them focused on their school work before the break.

Explore the different December Holidays

Some students may celebrate Christmas; some observe Hanukkah or Kwanzaa. Regardless of what they celebrate, it is great to have them be more conscious of the different holidays celebrated in December. Have them complete a Venn diagram to help compare and contrast the different holidays. Have them include how the holiday is celebrated, the foods eaten, and the history of the holiday. Or you can check out these Voki Holiday Lesson Plans for you class!

Charles Dickens Readout loud

Bring some Christmas spirit into class by having your students read A Christmas Carol. Allow your students to pick a role to play and remember to let everyone have a chance of reading it! Make it more fun and share it with their parents by having them record their voice on a Voki!

Create a Holiday-themed Classroom Newsletter

Ask your students questions about what they learned over the year and what are the looking forward to for the upcoming year. Share your students’ research projects in the newsletter. A great research project idea is have research the different holiday traditions! (See first activity). Or you can create fun holiday polls. The idea is easily adaptable to different subjects, like language arts and math.

What holiday activities did you plan this year? Let us know!

Until next time,

Eva D.

The Voki Team

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