Monthly ‘Mazing Resources with Voki!

Monthly ‘Mazing Resources with Voki!

Hi Voki Users!

With the new school year also comes new ways in which we hope to provide value to you!

Once a month we will write a blog post that will highlight some excellent resources that we feel deserve the Voki Seal of Approval! The resource could be a blog, an Edtech tool, a video, or even a worksheet! If it provides value to teachers, it may show up in this blog post!

go noodle

1. Go Noodle

Go Noodle provides teachers and students with fun brain break activities to last the entire school year. Go Noodle’s physical activities allow students to channel their physical and emotional energy in a positive way.  All exercises are five minutes or less. It‘s a quick and super fun way to get your students back on track and focused at different points of the day! You should definitely check them out! Props to Go Noodle! You have received the Voki seal of approval!

teaching with terhune

2. Teaching With Terhune

We don’t think there is anything this teacher hasn’t thought of!  Do you need labels for….. EVERYTHING in your classroom? Mrs. Terhune has got you covered. She has binder spine labels for binders that store worksheets categorized by topic.  (e.g. frogs and apples) She has storage bin labels, pencil bin labels, table labels, seat labels.  She pretty much has a label for everything to help with classroom systems and organization. She has created a lesson plan template that will make you want to cry with excitement.  Most recently and possibly the coolest of all, are the aprons she created with the help of her mother. Now, this is not your ordinary apron. This is a teacher’s beautifully crafted tool belt that can be used to house pencils, incentives, pens, keys, expo marker– any object you tend to put down and lose throughout the course of a day in the classroom. Voki gives props to Mrs.Terhune!  You have received the Voki seal of approval!

ipad apps for schools

3. IPad Apps For School

This site highlights valuable IPad applications for school teachers and school aged children. We love this site because it explains very simply how each app can be used and how to use it!  One App that we noticed (this is kind of a 2 –for-1)  is the Book Wizard app that is available via Ipad and IPhone.

This is a free  App that allows teachers to “scan a book’s barcode to quickly discover its Lexile measurement, grade level equivalent, and guided reading level.” You can also create book lists and share these book lists via e-mail, Pinterest and twitter. Pretty cool, huh?

Thank you Richard Byrne for sharing this amazing and time-saving app! Be sure to check out his other websites : Free Technology for Teachers and Android 4 Schools

Props to Richard Byrne and the Book Wizard App (created by Scholastic) you have received the Voki Seal of Approval!

book wizard

book wizard

Take some time to explore these “Monthly ‘Mazing” resources!

If you have any suggestions for our Monthly ‘Mazing Resources blog post, please drop us a line at

If you have an awesome resource we will highlight it here and shout you out for contributing!

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HeatherBio: Heather is the Community Manager at Voki and is part of the Marketing Team at Oddcast.  Before she joined the Voki team, she was a teacher for 7 years!  She has taught in charter, private, and public schools all across NYC. With her teacher hat on, she will create meaningful, engaging, and relevant content that can be implemented in your classrooms.  She is excited to partner with you to engage and educate your students! 

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