Halloween Edition: Monthly ‘Mazing Resource Round Up

Halloween Edition: Monthly ‘Mazing Resource Round Up

halloween resource

Halloween is nigh! In honor of this Ghoulish holiday, we’ve put together a list of awesome Halloween activities that will allow you to infuse some spooky fun into your daily schedule. But don’t worry, most of the activities are academically driven, so you can get your students excited about Halloween and maintain a high level of rigor in your classrooms!

halloween writing promts

Halloween Writing Prompts

Spooky writing prompts to help your students write spooktacular stories!


halloween nb file

Halloween Smartboard Lessons

Here are a host of different academic lessons with a Halloween theme. Scroll through the lessons and take your pick. These are sure to get your students excited!


ebook apps

Halloween Apps and Games

A variety of fun Halloween apps that students can play as a whole group or individually.


story nory

 “The Witch Who Was frightened of Halloween”

Let your students listen to this audio story. This  is a great way to practice their listening skills. Some kids may even want to draw as they listen!


story line online

“I need my monster” – Storyline Online

A great website that gives students the chance to hear a read aloud read by an established actor. If displayed on a Smartboard, all students will be able to see the pictures in the story easily.


pumpkin carving

Carving Pumpkin

This activity is a great way to give your students a chance to carve a pumpkin without all the mess!


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Heather Bio: Heather is the Community Manager at Voki and is part of the Marketing Team at Oddcast.  Before she joined the Voki team, she was a teacher for 7 years!  She has taught in charter, private, and public schools all across NYC. With her teacher hat on, she will create meaningful, engaging, and relevant content that can be implemented in your classrooms.  She is excited to partner with you to engage and educate your students! 

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