7 Ways to Get Ready for Spring in the Classroom

7 Ways to Get Ready for Spring in the Classroom

The snow is melting—even though for some areas, that’s more figurative than not—and the awakening nods to spring are upon us: the air is refreshing and cool, while the sun is staying around a little longer each day. With the impending changing of seasons, we too emerge from our hibernating ways and experience a rebirth of sorts. So ditch the dark and dreary, and say hello to warmer weather with these 7 ways to get ready for spring in the classroom.

1.) Buy a plant.

It’s time to replace the pine with the bright hues of tulips (or whatever your choice of flowers may be). The winter is a largely bare botanical season, so celebrate the blossoming of new plant life with some pretty petals. Visual reminders like this on your windowsill or desk will exude cheeriness for you and your students to enjoy throughout the school day.

2.) Wear bright colors and prints.

Hang up the holiday sweaters, and relax on the monochromatic grays and blacks you’ve been buttoned in all winter. If fashion is any indicator of mood, then express some optimism with color. Go ahead, give bold prints a shot. Break out your very own spring collection, and faculty and students alike will respect the style star you are.

3.) Teach a spring poem.

Robert Frost is the lyrical king of nature-themed poems, but it’s a favorite topic of many a writer (carpe diem authors, anyone?). Depending on the grade level of your class, pick a poem that captures the elements of spring (whether it be rebirth or rainbows) and rhyme your way into the season. Poetry, especially the more sophisticated kind, is a perfect reflection of the physical and emotional changes that come about with the cyclical times of year.

4.) Play a spring song.

Music always boosts a celebration, so why not usher in the warmer months with some seasonal tunes? Like the poem selection, gauge your choice of ballad on the sophistication of the ears in your classroom—classical for the older crowd, and crowd pleasers for the younger (Hint: “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” never disappoints).

5.) Conduct a baseball-related activity.

Play ball! Well, maybe not exactly, but baseball time is approaching and there’s lots you can do with this in the classroom. One option is teaching the history of your city’s great baseball players. For example, New York schools can discuss Jackie Robinson and how the Dodgers helped shape the borough of Brooklyn. Or play a math game involving the different positions of the field and organize order-of-operations equations based on this to see how the ball will travel. It’ll be a homerun either way.

6.) Plan a lesson outside.

There’s something to be said about conducting a class outside. This mini adventure beyond the walls of your school building is sure to energize your students and can result in an invigorating lesson. Whether it be teaching the science of germination or discussing a Jane Austin novel, the fresh air will go a long way.

7.) Bring in a seasonal fruit or vegetable snack.

Who can say “no” to an unexpected snack surprise? Well, spring is the time to capitalize on fresh fruits and vegetables and educate your students on their nutritional value. Treat your students to a seasonal plant-based snack, and start a healthy eating trend.

Hope this helps, and Happy *almost* Spring : )

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