Meet Catherine: A Look Inside the Voki Team

Meet Catherine: A Look Inside the Voki Team

Hey Voki Community!

My name is Catherine, and I’d like to introduce myself to you all. I’m a new(ish) member of the Voki team, and I’ll be sharing content with you across our social media platforms. Since we’re in a relationship of sorts, I want to tell you a little bit about myself.

I’m a New York City resident, and you can say I’m in a love affair with where I live (I know, spoken from a true Gothamite). I am originally from the suburbs, though, so I can appreciate all things small town.

I’m a word person. I studied English in college and have written for two magazine publications. But I’m also a business buff and believe brands must continually work to bring value into their customers’ lives (here’s looking at you Voki subscribers).

I sat in the front row through my entire education career. No, I was not trying to get brownie points—I was just so interested in learning.

Fun fact: You’ll never catch me standing still on the dance floor.

…Hope this gives you a glimpse into my world! I look forward to our conversations together!

*Also, please let me know what content interests you the most—and I’ll try my best to provide it for you : )




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4 thoughts on “Meet Catherine: A Look Inside the Voki Team

  1. I have a workshop for High School students for building Attitude skills that entails 5 segments that they participate in. I’m seeking direction on which level to sign up for and if the program is viable? I see the opportunity to get them engaged in Voki.


    1. We would recommend Level 1 or Level 2–the levels differ depending on how many students you need to manage. Voki is great as another means for students to express their voice. Also, it is a very creative way to present their knowledge.


  2. Hi Catherine, I have been trying so hard to get someone in the Voki team to help me as ALL my students could NOT create any Voki in my Voki Classroom. I have paid and signed up but nothing is working. Please help.


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