The Voki 2.0 Story

The Voki 2.0 Story

Every great brand starts with an idea and builds on it day after day. And like other great brands, Voki follows suit to this tradition. Voki sprung out of a desire to bring technology into the classroom and help teachers participate in the “spirit of the times”—a zeitgeist steered by innovation. It recognized that no longer was education bound by paper and pen and print textbooks, but that it was a dynamic field where technology can expand students’ minds and hone their skills. Voki was among the pioneers in the ed tech landscape, and it is still on its journey to make learning, in plain, better.

[Insert dramatic pause.]

Okay, as much as that might have sounded like a manifesto on the marriage of education and technology and Voki’s role in the whole process, it’s ALL TRUE. And although we’re serious about how we’ve helped engineer this learning experience, injecting fun into the classroom is what we’re all about.  Those handouts are so last century, and we know that. We also know that the majority of teachers in this day and age view technology as an essential component of the classroom curriculum, touting its engagement capabilities as a leading benefit. And guess what? There’s a recurring theme in our teachers’ testimonials on why they value Voki—because it engages students.

But Voki is not patting itself on its back because of all this (okay, maybe a little). Just kidding. We know that to be a leading brand in the ed tech community, we have to continuously innovate. And to do that, we have to answer the big thinking question: how can we better meet teachers’ needs?

As you know, a happy teacher comes along with happy students—students who walk into a classroom and want to learn. We realized that in order to optimize the benefits of Voki products (and hence increase everyone’s satisfaction), we needed to assign more power to students in the learning/teaching equation. This recognition ushered in the first big change we decided to make—not only to offer the option to create a Voki for free, but also to offer the option to make a Voki presentation for free (limited to five slides) too. This gratis addition allows students to explore the capabilities of Voki Presenter on their own, transferring personalized learning into their hands. And since synergy is the name of the game, we also repackaged Voki subscriptions—now, all paid subscribers will have access to Voki Classroom and Voki Presenter. Structured into levels, this subscription model leaves no Voki feature behind. Those who sign up for Level 3 also hold the keys to Voki Teach, a vault of lesson content that makes lesson planning a little easier.

We understand that teachers’ needs and requirements change, so we also came up with a flexible payment model that allows for monthly and annual subscriptions. Trust us, this is a commitment free of regret.

Okay, so how are we doing so far? Hopefully, we’re getting it right, but just in case you weren’t convinced that Voki 2.0 has taken it to the next level, we’re going to match your doubts—we are now truly an integrated cloud-based solution. Let us repeat: “integrated cloud-based solution.” It might sound techy, but we’ll translate it for you: it makes things easier. Everything is stored on the cloud, which means playback of your Voki presentations will now be available on your mobile devices. So stretch your legs, and turn off your computer monitor. You’re a teacher on-the-go.

As much as we love these upgrades, we’re just as equally happy with the new look of our site. Sleeker design, more user-friendly navigation, compatible color scheme. We’re trailblazing these modern times with you, teachers, and we must admit—we look good.

So that’s all we’ve got for you right now. But we promise, we have much, much more coming your way. We hope you’re joining us for the ride because we’re going places.




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