Introducing the Voki for Education App

Introducing the Voki for Education App



As we navigate the world, mobile device as our helm, one question never fails to pop up in our head—“Is there an app for that?” Yup, those unassuming icons energizing the mobile stratosphere have undoubtedly sparked the doer in each of us, making life easier in palpable ways. They are not only motivators, but also gateways to engage with our environment, process information, create and share. So, in the spirit of proactivity, we hopped on the train where taps and swipes get you what you want in a matter of no time.

We were once students ourselves, and we’ll admit—homework wasn’t exactly our preferred after-school activity. Even if we wanted to dive into our post-classroom assignments, time was never on our side (how could we forget all those extracurriculars eating up our day?). In designing the Voki for Education app, we considered what would interest students and take into account their busy schedules. Creating an avatar from your mobile device to express your ideas and work on assignments and projects was the perfect solution.

The process couldn’t be easier. Simply tap on the avatar of your choice and customize as you wish. Enter the text-to-speech message you want your Voki to narrate or choose to record your message with your own voice. The student can email his teacher once he is finished creating the Voki, or share it across his social media platforms. The app is intended to mirror the online experience, but with added convenience and accessibility.

Although the app is a natural complement for homework, it can also supplement in-class lessons. It’s egalitarian in design, giving a voice to virtually every type of student. Students, since they are engaged in their self-learning, are more likely to absorb concepts. And teachers, don’t fret—you can create Vokis too. Go ahead, feel free to share assignments with your class ala Voki.

Voki 2.0 saw a rehaul of our site, new product packaging, and a more flexible price model. Our latest offering, the “Voki for Education” app, is the culmination of the seamless experience we seek to provide our users with. You can say we strove to make possible the impossible—a new tradition of learning that was, well, fun.

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