Voki’s Celebration of Science Month

Voki’s Celebration of Science Month

How often is it that we stop at some point during the day and just breathe? Take in our surroundings? Acknowledge the systems working around you in harmony? Appreciate our natural world?
Here at Voki, we not only appreciate the natural world – some of us are science nerds, engineering geeks and biology hobbyists – but we also like to question the origins and evolution of some of those systems. After our successful “Woman of the Day” campaign for National Women’s History Month, we decided to designate May as the month set aside “In Celebration of Science”.
Every weekday in May we will publish a short presentation on an influential world-changing scientist who has revolutionized the field of biology, chemistry, physics, geology or paleontology. At a later date we will celebrate our mathemeticians, engineers and astronomers/cosmologists and the most significant scientific discoveries of our time.
So, starting May 1, tune in to our site, www.voki.com/teach or our Facebook or Twitter pages to see the daily presentations!
While this list is in no way comprehensive or exhaustive – there are only 23 days in the month and hundreds of scientists who deserve recognition! – we have limited our list to those who we felt would be the easiest for students to connect to; whose work would be somewhat familiar or recognizable to the average student. That is not to say that these are the “best” or “most important” scientists who have ever lived. Merely our take on the ones whose work has directly impacted our lives in the most recognizable ways.

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