Ways for Teachers to Get Organized

Ways for Teachers to Get Organized

94958d8337fd008ef4d3a4306207cf83What’s the secret to a happy classroom? An organized teacher of course! If you are coming back from a winter break, you may find your desk in a horrible mess. So why not take some time out and re-organize it? Here are some Voki tips on how to get started:

  1. Use folders.

Not only folders are useful for students, they are useful for teachers also. If you are the type of teacher who uses a lot of print-outs, worksheets, calendars, etc., you might find it useful if you organize your papers in folders. Have a filing system in place and find a place to store it. Also, you might want to keep an electronic version of it on your computer!

  1. Keep a planner.

Your planner can help you keep track of all your “to-do” lists. You can either keep a planner on your desk or a large desk calendar. Use your planner to remember important dates and notes from meetings.

  1. Have a clean desk.

It is very important to have a clean desk. If you find your desk in a mess, remember to clean it. Not only a clean desk will help you stay organized, it will help you save time from rummaging through the mess to find the papers you need.

Voki Tip: If you use Voki with your students, Voki Classroom helps you manage your students’ Voki assignments.

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