Ways to Engage Students with Technology

Ways to Engage Students with Technology

It is important to have a class structured around student involvement and helping them focus on what’s important. Technology is a great way to engage your students in class and many educators are beginning to adopt different type of technology within their classes. Let’s see how you can engage your students with technology:

Tweet it! (Using Twitter)

Many students and their parents are using Twitter on their free time. Because of this, a lot of educators have taken advantage of Twitter. What do they use Twitter for? They use it to keep their students well-informed and engaged. It also allowed educators to communicate important information with parents. Since Twitter only allows messages up to 140 characters, students will have to find creative ways to get their messages across!

Some great examples of educators using Twitter is Mrs. Kilgo’s Class, who tweet out news and important announcements, and Room Eleven, which allows students to take charge of the Twitter account and tweet!

Samantha Miller, from TeachHub, came up with 50 different ways for educators to use Twitter in their classroom. Let us know which one you are planning to use!

There’s an app for that! (Using apps)

Yes, there’s definitely an app for this. There are many educational apps within the App Store and GooglePlay that you can use in class. And we definitely know the pain of trying to find the right one. So we will save you some times and have the list for you, right here:

If you’re an Apple lover, here’s 55 Education Apps to use with your students (free, of course).

If you’re an Android geek, here’s 50 Education Apps for you to use!

If you have a favorite app that you love to use in class, just share it with us!

Hey, look at me! (Using visual aids)

If you have more visual learners in your class, it might be useful for you to use videos in class. After all, approximately 65% of the population is visual learners. Visual learners are those who learn materials by seeing them with visuals like graphs, videos, diagrams, etc. So using sites, such as YouTube or PowerPoint, can help you effectively explain certain concepts and ideas to the class. (Also, it’ll keep easily-bored students entertained!)

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