The “Missing” Voki Embed Code

The “Missing” Voki Embed Code

Quite a few Voki users have reported that they cannot see the Voki embed code, after clicking Publish. We have identified the issue and we would like to tell you about it here, as well as the solution we’ve implemented.

The New Voki for Ed uses a new type of publishing called Gigya. The Gigya publishing tool (or, panel) lets Voki users easily and automatically post their Voki to many, many types of blogs and websites. The Gigya panel also includes an embed code that you can copy and paste into your site, blog, or profile.

The Issue: As many of you have noticed, some schools have blocked Gigya. What this means, is that the school’s network settings prevents accessing (seeing and using) the Gigya panel, which includes the publishing options (icons) and the embed code. Keep in mind that you should still be able to access the Voki link. This was obviously a significant issue for many teachers! This is also why you can probably access everything just fine from home, but not from school (where you need it!).

The Solution: One solution would be for the school’s network administrator to allow use of Gigya in your school. If this is not possible, we’ve implemented another solution. When Voki senses that Gigya is blocked (i.e. when your system will not allow you to see the Gigya publishing options), you now automatically see the Voki embed code, which you can paste into your site, blog, or profile. This code also provides you with your Voki scene ID.

That’s it! Our embed code solution is now live and working. We hope it serves you well!


The Voki Team