Ways to Use Instagram in Class

Ways to Use Instagram in Class

instagram-logoA lot of teachers are using Twitter and Facebook within their classroom and school. And Instagram is revolutionizing the way we share photos online. But only a handful of teachers are using it in class. This is probably because sharing pictures of your students raises a lot of privacy concerns. Therefore, you can create a classroom Instagram account and set it as private. So you, as a teacher, should have full control over who the followers can be. (Hint: It should only be parents, students, or other classes in your school.) Also, a fun hashtag is a good way to keep track of everything.

So here are some fun ways that you can use Instagram in class:

Student of the Week

Showcase a different student in your class each week. Introduce your student-of-the-week with a quick short photo post of hi/her. Then, you can let your student take control of the camera for the week! Let him/her share photos of fun activities happening in class. Of course, you’ll have to set guidelines and make sure that the content is school-appropriate.

Share/showcase students’ work

Throughout the school year, take pictures of your students’ work and post it to Instagram. Parents and family members can follow the account and keep up with their child’s progress. But make sure that the account is private so that online parents, students and the school can follow!

Reading recommendations

Have your students take a picture of their favorite book to post to the class Instagram account. Encourage your students to go through the book list to see what their classmates recommend for the next reading!

Instagram is a great tool for teachers! Let us know how you use Instagram in class!


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