How to Increase Parent Involvement in School

How to Increase Parent Involvement in School

2008familyThere’s a study that shows that when parents are involved at school, their children are 30% more successful. But sometimes, parents are not invited to be involve with their child’s learning process. Parent involvement is much more than joining the PTA or attending parent-teacher conferences. Administrators can take steps to help increase parent involvement. Let’s get started!

Ask parent to get involved.

The very first step is to reach out and ask parents to get involved with school activities. Send out invitations to different school activities, like school assemblies or concerts. It’s a great way for parents to understand the school’s culture and have a chance to talk teachers, staff members, and the administration.

Send out e-newsletter.

Sometimes, students may lose school fliers and newsletters. (Or it’ll sitting at the bottom of the book bag.) Creating an e-newsletter is easy and quick. Also, you can deliver it directly to parents’ email. But remember, not all parents have an email so it’s good to have a hard-copy ready for those who need it.

Provide online access to student data.

Parents are very concerned about their child’s attendance and performance in school. So it’s good to providing parents with access to their child’s data and educational information. There are many online tools that schools and administration and use to provide these information. It can help parents track their child’s progress in school and take action if their child needs help in school!

What other ways do you think schools can do to increase parent involvement?

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