Interviews with Educators | Mary Beth Hertz

Interviews with Educators | Mary Beth Hertz

As part of our efforts to strengthen our educator community, we’re introducing you to some of our most enthusiastic Voki for Education users. These educators will answer questions about how they use Voki in the classroom.

This week we bring you Mary Beth, an elementary school teacher in North Philadelphia, PA (USA).

“One thing I loved about Voki was that you could get that code without having to log in or get an account. All my students are under 13, so they can’t create an account at school without parent permission… it was really great that the kids could get the [Voki] code without having to log in and get an account.”

“[My students] had some fun personalizing their avatar. I learned a lot about the kids, just looking at how they chose to dress and accessorize their Voki avatars.”

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