Voki Tip of the Week: Creating Class Accounts

Voki Tip of the Week: Creating Class Accounts

Setting up a class account is not is not difficult at all. In fact, it’s as easy as setting up your own account.

1. Create a generic email address and register it with Voki.com. Make sure the email address is class-appropriate. You may want to create an email address for each of your classes. If you’d prefer to use a school email address, ask your network admin (the IT person(s)) for help.

2. Once you’re done, pick an easy to remember password.

3. Logging in: Here, you have a couple of options. You can choose to give your students the login info, so they can login in and create/ save Vokis from home. This obviously requires an honor system. Alternately, you can log them in yourself, on multiple machines, during every class. This would give you control over the account password.

Students can access the account at the same time, edit and save their work all in one place. And you have access to every Voki all in one dashboard.