Tips for Teaching Vocabulary

Tips for Teaching Vocabulary

knowledge-dictionaryRemember those list of vocabulary words that your teacher would give the class every Monday. Then we would have to look up their definitions, write sentences with it, and… a test every Friday. After that, we don’t remember how to use those words or when we can use it.

So let Voki give you some tips on how to help you teach vocabulary and help your students remember them!

Selecting the Best Words

Instead of wasting your time compiling a super long list of vocabulary words that you students should know, have your students read through the first chapter of the text and pick out words that they do not understand. Then have them write down the definition or their “best guess” for the word without a dictionary. Remember to explain to them that this is not a test, but is information to help you, as a teacher, to figure out what they need help with.

Use the Words Everyday

Include those vocabulary words when you are teaching or speaking to a student. Encourage them to use them in class and at home. Also, continue to have weekly vocabulary quizzes so that your student can remember them properly!

Display Them in Class

Create a wall of all the vocabulary words in your classroom. Ask your students to be creative by creating photos of themselves that put the words into action. Or you can just use Voki for a quick Vocabulary Rundown.

Let us know how you teach vocabulary in class!

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