Disappearing Voki scenes

Disappearing Voki scenes

Several Voki educators have reported “disappearing Voki scenes” recently. The scenario goes something like this:

You planned a great lesson using Voki in your classroom. Come class time, you have all of your students log on and create their Voki scenes, and then save them. Or, perhaps you had your students log on from home and create a Voki as part of a homework assignment.

You’re excited to see what they came up with. So, you log in to check their Vokis, and nothing! All (or most) of the Voki scenes that should be in your account, aren’t! What happened??

What happened
Well, we found out that this was due to special characters being used in the Voki titles. The less-than and greater-than characters (<, >) were actually causing all (or most) of the saved Voki scenes to disappear! (Note: although you could not see them, your saved Vokis are always saved in your account…)

What we’re doing about it
We’re happy to say that this issue has been resolved. When you log in to your account, you should see all of your scenes (if you don’t make sure to clear your browser’s cache and then refresh). Any new Voki scenes that are created can have the less-than and greater-than characters in the title. For the existing Voki scenes, we have replaced those characters with a space. So, a scene named “I just ❤ this” is now named “I just  3 this” – you can go back and rename these scenes however you lik

If you have any questions or concerns, please leave a comment or drop us a line in the Teacher’s Corner.