Voki Tip of the Week: Save your Voki as a video file!

Voki Tip of the Week: Save your Voki as a video file!

Some of our users have been wondering about turning their Voki scenes into .avi files (which stands for Audio Video Interleave). We’re here to help! It’s quite easy to create your Voki scene and add it wherever you like. It may take some time (and a little patience), but if we can do it, you can do it! :)

One of our tech savvy educators left a great tip via the Teacher’s Corner. Here’s how it works.:

  • Create a Voki.
  • Go to CamStudio (for example) and download the latest program;  it’s free.
  • Open the program and return to your Voki.
  • Drag the box over your Voki and press Record.
  • Play your Voki.
  • Stop recording when finished.

You can save your recording on your PC as a video file. You can then add it to a PowerPoint presentation, a website, or anywhere else for that matter. Give it a try!


Got a Voki tip?

Share it in the “Voki in the Classroom” section and we might feature you right here, in the blog!

57 thoughts on “Voki Tip of the Week: Save your Voki as a video file!

  1. I was able to record my Voki using Cam Studio, but the sound is not being captured. Are there certain settings within Cam Studio that I should change?

  2. Beth, I wa able to get the sound by changing the setting in control panel for hardware software. I select sereo as default

      1. Hi there,

        You will have to follow the instructions in the post! If you like, you can find an alternate screen capturing that you like to use!

        The Voki Team

  3. I embedded a voki in a PowerPoint presentation. It worked great, until I saved and left the presentation. When I reopened the presentation, the voki would not load up! Any ideas about how to correct this?

    1. Linda, how did you embed a voki in a PowerPoint? I’m trying to figure it out (without installing the program suggested above)…

      1. Hi Everyone,

        We’re sorry to hear your having trouble embedding in PowerPoint. It sounds like these may be unique situations rather than a bug in the program so you will need to email support@voki.com. Please give as much detail as possible about what you are experiencing and we will work on a solution with you.

        The Voki Team

      1. Hi Nicole,

        You must be using the 2007 version of PowerPoint. The option for “Video from website” is only available on the 2010 version. Th easiest way you can embed your Voki on PowerPoint is using the direct Voki link or inserting your Voki as a video file.

        The Voki Team

  4. I have used SMRecorder – it’s free, too and doesn’t us as much hard drive space as CamStudio does. You can convert the files to other video types, also.

  5. I ve used atube catcher for recording the screen. It works great! then I make a video with movie maker. The results was wonderfull !!! Try it!

  6. I would like to embed my Voki into my 2010 ppt. I can capture the code and paste into the insert box for video from web ok but the voki doesn’t play. Is it possible to copy the html code and paste into the developer?

      1. I got it working, I followed the instructions of Powerpoint 2007 for 2013 version. It worked perfectly!!!!

  7. Hello…I am trying to embed a voki into ppt 2013. It is different from 2010- can anyone tell me how to do this??


    1. I am having the same problem!! I’ve been on the phone with Microsoft Tech support for 2 1/2 hours and they even did remote assistance and still cant figure it out! :(

      1. Hope this helps.
        PowerPoint 2013
        To insert a Voki into PowerPoint 2013, follow these instructions: 1. Visit http://www.voki.com. 2. Click the Create button and create your Voki. 3. Click Publish after you are done with creating your Voki. 4. Highlight and copy your Voki embed code. 5. Open word document and paste the embed code.
        6. Find the value code with a hyperlink. 7. Select and copy the hyperlink. 8. Open PowerPoint and click on File to open up the menu for PowerPoint and click on Option.
        9. Click on Quick Access Toolbar. 10. From the Choose commands from: drop-down menu, locate and click the Developer Tab.
        11. Locate and click on More Controls and click Add. It will appear on the top menu. 12. Click on More Controls.
        13. Select Shockwave Flash Object.
        14. You will see a + sign as your mouse cursor. Click and drag on the PowerPoint slide. This will create a big box with an X in the middle. 15. Right-click and select Property Sheet.
        16. Find the Movie line and paste the Voki hyperlink into the blank area. 17. Find EmbedMovie and set it to True. Then close the Property window. 18. To view the Voki on your PowerPoint, press the F5 button on your keyboard.
        Note: To play your Voki using the embed code, you must be connected to the internet.

      2. Hi John,
        So sorry for the delay in response!
        Are you still having trouble with this?
        Let me know and I’ll help you out ASAP!

  8. He creado mi Voki, pero no me sale el codigo que copy, me dice que solo esta disponible en Only in Voki Classroom… ayuda por favor

  9. Does anybody know if there is any way to put a Voki in ApprenNet? It would be in video form. I saw earlier where people were using SMS Recorder and CamStudio. I am a neophyte in all of this, so I would like the simplest answer possible. I do have to use ApprenNet though; I’m just not sure how to put (embed?) the Voki in there or if it is even possible. Thanks!

  10. I have selected my character and completed all I needed to do but twice now I receive the message that says, ALERT, This model is only available to Voki Classroom or presenter users and I can’t publish. Also our instructions is to NOT choose one with the graduation cap in the corner which I did not. So what is happening? I hate to keep trying all these and find out I can’t use. help!

    1. Hi Wanda,
      So sorry for the delay in response!
      Are you still having trouble with this?
      Let me know and I’ll help you out ASAP!
      I know that must be frustrating!

  11. I was able to create my Voki and add audio to it but, how do share a live link of my Voki say for a school assignment online for example?

    1. Hi LaKeisha,

      After you create your Voki, just click publish and save! After that, you can just grab the link and share it! Take a look at these videos for instructions:

      The Voki Team

  12. Beware of cam/studio/yes it is free-it will work, but beware they will load your computer up with malware-ad ware, be sure you have some type of malware remover once you have used cam studio-or uninstall it after you are done.

  13. Hi. I am trying to save my voki onto my PC as a video file. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to do it. Anybody have step-by-step instructions?

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