Interviews with Educators | LaQuita Denson

Interviews with Educators | LaQuita Denson

In this interview, instructional technology specialist LaQuita Denson tells us about how she uses Voki to train teachers on effective methods of delivering information during lessons, regardless of a student’s learning abilities.

The three features she finds the most useful about Voki are:

  1. The Language Feature: “This is really great with those students who are struggling readers, as well as students from different countries…”
  2. Multiple Vokis: “This is great when you’re doing an assignment [with multiple students], depending on the outcome or objective of the assignment.”
  3. Audio: “…whether you want to do this by text, or have the students use the microphone, as well as recording by phone, depending on the ability of the student…”

Take a look at this short interview to get an idea of how an educational technology professional uses Voki to enhance learning!

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