New in Voki Classroom: 2 New Tabs!

New in Voki Classroom: 2 New Tabs!

If you use Voki Classroom, you are probably accustomed to the three main sections:

  1. Students: Add and manage up to 100 students.
  2. Classes: Add and manage up to 5 classes and multiple Assignments per Class.
  3. Review: View, Approve, and Share your students’ Voki assignments.
Based on feedback from users, we have just introduced two new tabs, and a side tab!
  • Support: The Contact Support link located in the top right of the page has been replaced by a complete Support tab, making it more visible for Voki Classroom users. Really – you can’t miss it!

  • My Account: To make the Voki Classroom pages even cleaner looking, and to give you more control over your account, we have added a My Account tab on the far right. Here, you can view (and edit) your account settings most conveniently (see it below). Here’s what you can do in My Account:
    • Personal Information: Here, you can add a salutation, edit your name, and add a picture. This is the information your students see when logging in, and what shows up on each Assignment Page, unless you marked it as Private.
    • Personal Settings: Here, you can edit your Teacher ID, your account email address, and your account password.
    • Account Settings: Here, you can view your account expiration date (and renew), your account ID, and how long you’ve been a (valued) Voki Classroom user.

Voki Classroom - My Account

  • Feedback: Since we value your opinion so greatly (!), we’ve also introduced a Feedback tab to the far right of the page. Here, you can provide more general feedback (ideas, issues, praise, questions), which we will use to improve Voki Classroom. Clicking the “Feedback” side tab (on the right side of the page) will launch the feedback widget:
Voki Classroom - Feedback tab
That’s all for now. More enhancements will follow, as we get more of your feedback. So go ahead, tell us what you would love to see in Voki Classroom!
Until next time,
The Voki Team

4 thoughts on “New in Voki Classroom: 2 New Tabs!

  1. Hi, we have embedded a number of Vokis on our Online courses and they were working fine until now. At present while they are still displayed, they no longer deliver speech. When you click on the play button, it goes back to payse systemetically. Could you please advise us on what is going wrong and how to resolve this issue?
    I could not find the support button for None Classroom clients.
    Thank you for your support.


    1. Hi Vikki!

      As a Voki Classroom user, you are able to get unlimited e-mail support from our dedicated support team (only available to Voki Classroom users). First you need to log onto Voki Classroom using your personal teacher account, and then, with Voki Classroom open, select the support tab. Second, choose your topic, enter your question, and submit! One of our support representatives will get back to you promptly with an answer!


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