Voki Activity Ideas

Voki Activity Ideas

Looking for some great Voki activities for your students?

Well look no further! Tricia and Donna from 1001 Super Tools for Teachers made a great handout with Voki! As their Super Tool 991, they listed out some fun lesson Voki activities for different school subjects!

Reading/Language Arts

Did you just assign a great book to your students? Are you planning a poetry lesson? These fun lesson ideas would get your students to practice their reading and writing:

  • Have your students write a poem and get a Voki to recite it!
  • Create a Voki to describe the character or explain their motivation of their actions.
  • Teach your students how to identify the sequence of events in a story by creating a Voki.


Teaching a science lesson does not have to be boring! Your students will have a BLAST with these Voki science activities:

  • Create a Voki that represents your lesson to explain and define important vocabulary words.
  • Are you doing an experiment in class? You can create a Voki to give directions on how to do the experiment!
  • Have your students create Voki to respond to class questions.

Social Studies

Learning about the Renaissance Era, the American Revolution, or the Meji Restoration? Having a great historical debate in class? Bring history back to life with these Voki history activities:

  • Get your students to create some famous historical figures to explain who they are and what they did.
  • Create Voki characters to have a historical debate on important subjects in history.
  • Have your students create a Voki to explain the cause and effect of some historical events.


Vokis can be used in all types of subjects. Even math! These great Voki math activities will be fun part of your math lesson:

  • You can create an instructional Voki to remind your students on the correct ways to solve a problem.
  • Your students can create and share Vokis to help other solve a problem.
  • Have your students create Voki word problems and solve them in class.

Speech Therapy

Some of your students may have speech problem. These Voki activities will help them reach their language goal:

  • Create a Voki to articulate sounds.
  • If your students have dysfluency, like stuttering, have them create a Voki by recording their voice. Make sure to tell them to keep track of their progress!
  • Have your students record their voice on a Voki. Ask them to get peer feedback on how they are doing.

Foreign language

Voki offers 30 different languages! It’s a good way to start practicing your Japanese sentence structure, Spanish vocabulary, or Portuguese pronunciation!

  • Your students can create a Voki to practice their vocabulary and pronunciation.
  • Create a Voki using text-to-speech; this is a great way for students to practice their writing skills.

Thank you Tricia and Donna for creating this amazing Voki handout!

If you have some great ideas or feedback that you want us to know, send us an email at feedback@voki.com!

Until next time,

The Voki Team

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