Interview with Educators | Craig Badura

Interview with Educators | Craig Badura

1.   Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Craig Badura.  I am the K-12 Integration Specialist for Aurora Public Schools in Aurora, Nebraska.  I have been an avid Voki user and integrator since 2010.


2.   What are your goals using Voki?

I like use a tool that will integrate seamlessly into the classroom.  Voki creates this opportunity.  Whether it be creating a Voki character of a famous person, book character or having a Voki character summarizing what students learned. Voki is so easy to integrate into any activity you may be doing in your classroom.


3.     How do you use Voki?

  • Famous Persons Project (Create Voki character that speaks script that students wrote)
  • Book Reviews (students create a Voki character of themselves discussing the book)
  • Book Trailers (students create Voki character based on a character in the book)
  • Summarizing (Kindergarteners created Voki characters summarizing their learning of a certain animal)

I have used Voki in a variety of ways and with almost every grade level.  It is so easy to use!

4. What are your 3 favorite things about Voki? 

  • Easy to use!
  • Embeds well.
  • Myriad of integration possibilities!

5. What would you add to the Voki product?

I wouldn’t change a thing! I do notice that some of the characters require a paid account, but there are still plenty of characters for students to choose from.

6. Do you have any Voki tricks up your sleeve?

I didn’t know that Voki’s could speak different languages.  I had an ELL student in my class that actually taught ME that you could change the language.  I bet she couldn’t speak more than a dozen words in English, yet she figured out how to change her Voki character to her native tongue!  So easy to use and what a great tool for the ELL classroom!


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Until next time,

The Voki Team

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