Voki Lesson Plans: Eating Healthy Lesson Plans

Voki Lesson Plans: Eating Healthy Lesson Plans

Did you know that June is National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month? Fruits and vegetables are healthy and good for our bodies. In addition to exercising, eating healthy foods help us stay… well, HEALTHY! Developing a healthy eating habit should start from a young age. So, for the month of June, we have prepared 3 new healthy lesson plans to teach your students how to eat healthy.

Remember: The grade level assigned to each lesson plan is not set in stone. You can use Voki lesson plans for a higher, or lower, grade than the one you teach. Feel free to customize the lesson plans to fit your needs. These Voki lesson plans can be adapted to fit your style or your students’ abilities!

Fruits and Vegetables – In this lesson, students will learn about the health benefits of fruits and vegetables. They will understand the type of nutrients that fruits and vegetable provide and how it can help their body stay healthy. They will have a fruits and vegetable tasting test.

Food Pyramid – Students will learn about the food pyramid and the different food groups. They will identify the foods that belong in each part of the food pyramid. Students will learn how to place what they ate into the correct food groups. They will analyze and figure out which food groups they should eat more and which food groups they should eat less.

Healthy Snacks – This lesson will teach students how to identify what kind of snacks are healthy and unhealthy. They will learn that snacks are small portion of food that is eaten between regular meals. Students will record what kind of snacks they eat for 1 week and create a Voki to present it to their class.

We would love to know how you are using Voki in class! If you have a lesson plan that you want to share with us, send it to lessonplans@voki.com!

Until next time,
The Voki Team

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