Voki Is Better Than Ever!

Voki Is Better Than Ever!

…Even tech companies make technical errors. Our apologies to anyone who received multiple emails last week.  We’re back on track- here’s your access pass to the latest news at Voki:

My Mom: The Teacher Who is Ready for School

Consider yourself in good company if the back-to-school blues is the opposite of what you’re feeling. Our feature blog showcases a teacher who is ready for September, routine, and her preschool kiddies.

International Day of Friendship

There’s a day for everything!…which means we’ve got a hook for just about everything too. This writing activity on friendship is the perfect way to practice topic sentence formation with supporting details. Create a Voki e-card at the end of the exercise to recite your sentiments.

Voki 2.2: The Back-to-School Essential

You can’t beat our latest Voki Teach library coming your way just in time for the new school year. Our CC-aligned, peer-rated lessons, hooks, and tech projects will be fully available on voki.com to boost engagement and student voice in your classroom. Additionally, Level 3 subscribers will be able to copy lessons to their accounts and customize as they wish. Did we mention new content will roll out on a weekly basis for grades K-5?

The Voki for Ed App is Coming Soon to Android

iOS users have been applauding our Voki for Ed app since its launch in April. But we haven’t forgotten about our droid devotees! The Android version of the app is due out later this month. Join the fun and create a Voki, add a voice, and share it on social media or through email. If you haven’t experienced the iOS app yet, download it here.

Has Voki Had a Positive Impact on Your Student’s Life?

If so, we would love to hear about it and inspire others! Please emailfeedback@voki.com and share your story with us. If your story is featured, we will provide your classroom with a free, one-year level 3 subscription valued at $100.


Remember to visit voki.com to check out our selection of over 250 characters and 30 languages to choose from! Why not brighten someone’s day with a Voki avatar message of your own? Just an idea…


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