Election Talk for Kids, #vokipromo, and More

Election Talk for Kids, #vokipromo, and More

School is around the corner. We’re not suggesting you pack up your beach bag just yet, but if you’re starting to brainstorm about the classroom–we’re here to help.

How to Talk About the Election Process with Kids 

It’s an election year, which means kids might be curious about the political buzz. In this Parent Herald article, Voki team member Christy Bazemore discusses how to tackle controversial election news by integrating digital tools like Voki to make the conversation fun.

The Voki for Ed App

With apps galore available for the classroom, we know it’s hard to choose the winner from the bunch. Good news though:  our Voki for Ed app has been met with raving reviews from teachers, making the decision process a little easier. Download our app today in the iOS store to see what everyone is talking about!*
*Android version due out later this month

Have you stopped by voki.com lately?

If you haven’t, you might want to pay it a visit. Our new enhancements and capabilites provide the best Voki experience yet! Better design, easy-to-share, mobile compatible…you might not recognize the new Voki, but you’ll definitely remember it!

Get Your Voki School License!

Why not get your whole school tech-equipped for the upcoming year? We offer school licenses so every teacher can get in on the Voki action! You may email school license requests to feedback@voki.com.


We have a special promotion going on right now! Simply email feedback@voki.com with #vokipromo in the subject line to get a free, 3 month subscription for whatever Level you’d like!  We’ll send you a form so you can indicate your level preferences.*
*For  first time account holders only

Interested in becoming a Voki ambassador?

Let us know! Voki ambassadors help spread the Voki love in and out of the classroom. They share Voki-related posts on their social media pages and contribute to the Offical Voki Blog. They’re the first to know what’s happening at the Voki headquarters and receive a free annual, Level 3 subscription. Email us atfeedback@voki.com if you’re interested in joining!

Has Voki had a positive impact on you student’s life?

If so, we would love to hear about it and inspire others! Please email feedback@voki.com and share your story with us. If your story is featured, we will provide your classroom with a free, one-year Level 3 subscription valued at $100.
Stay cool, Voki fans!
Catherine Alvino, Digital Marketing Coordinator

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