Voki Lesson Plans: Eating Healthy Lesson Plans

Voki Lesson Plans: Eating Healthy Lesson Plans

Did you know that June is National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month? Fruits and vegetables are healthy and good for our bodies. In addition to exercising, eating healthy foods help us stay… well, HEALTHY! Developing a healthy eating habit should start from a young age. So, for the month of June, we have prepared 3 new healthy lesson plans to teach your students how to eat healthy.

Remember: The grade level assigned to each lesson plan is not set in stone. You can use Voki lesson plans for a higher, or lower, grade than the one you teach. Feel free to customize the lesson plans to fit your needs. These Voki lesson plans can be adapted to fit your style or your students’ abilities!

Fruits and Vegetables – In this lesson, students will learn about the health benefits of fruits and vegetables. They will understand the type of nutrients that fruits and vegetable provide and how it can help their body stay healthy. They will have a fruits and vegetable tasting test.

Food Pyramid – Students will learn about the food pyramid and the different food groups. They will identify the foods that belong in each part of the food pyramid. Students will learn how to place what they ate into the correct food groups. They will analyze and figure out which food groups they should eat more and which food groups they should eat less.

Healthy Snacks – This lesson will teach students how to identify what kind of snacks are healthy and unhealthy. They will learn that snacks are small portion of food that is eaten between regular meals. Students will record what kind of snacks they eat for 1 week and create a Voki to present it to their class.

We would love to know how you are using Voki in class! If you have a lesson plan that you want to share with us, send it to lessonplans@voki.com!

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Healthy Living Lesson Plans with Voki

Healthy Living Lesson Plans with Voki

Being healthy is a lifestyle habit that requires guidance beginning at a young age. With some schools serving lunch options  that are highly processed and lacking in nutritional value, students may be confused as to what “good food” actually is. In addition to the difficulties of making healthy eating decisions, students have to balance their personal life with school work, which is often the source of major stress.

In an effort to help students learn how to maintain a happy and healthy life, we have created 3 lesson plans that touch on important health topics. Middle School and High School students will learn techniques on how to cope with stress,  create realistic body image expectations, and understand the potentially harmful effects of some common consumer products.

Stress, unhealthy eating habits, and a lack of regular exercise are a combination that threaten the well-being of many students. These topics deserve much more attention in school than they currently receive, so open up the discussion in your class and let your students share their ideas with Voki!

Remember: The grade level we assign to each lesson plan is not a requisite – you can use most Voki lesson plans that were written for a higher, or lower, grade than the one you teach – if you think they fit! Also, remember that you can adapt Voki lesson plans to fit your style, or your students’ abilities.

Coping with Stress (Health, High School) – Students explore the issue of stress in school and daily life, and understand that it is an issue many people have to cope with. Students make lists of things they have to do in the week and organize them in a way to try and reduce stress. The class discusses different ways to cope with stress and decrease it in daily life. The teacher will lead the students in a meditative yoga practice at the end of the lesson. Students will create a Voki that talks about how they plan to deal with stress in the future.

Body Image and its Influencers (Middle School, Health) – Students think about and discuss body image and where body image ideals come from. Students explore different body image influencers, such as the media, family, and culture, and compare and contrast these ideals with reality. Students will analyze their own perceptions and use Voki to talk about positive perceptions of their, and others’, appearance.

Voki Health PSA (Middle and High School, Health) – Students are assigned various popular consumer products and supplements to research and evaluate. After viewing examples of different health PSAs online, students will have the chance to create their own using Voki. Students will learn about how to maintain good health and the insider information on products that should be avoided or reduced. Students will think about healthier alternatives to the products they research.

As always, we would love to hear how you are using Voki in class. If you have a lesson plan that uses Voki (or that can be adapted to incorporate Voki) and you would like to share, please email us at lessonplans@voki.com.


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