Ways to use Twitter in Class

Ways to use Twitter in Class

2a1c1d8If you use Twitter in class, raise your hand! Last week, we have a post on the ways to engage students with technology and one of the ways is to use Twitter in class. So today, we will be expanding this topic a little more!

As you know, many educators found innovative ways to use Twitter with their students. For those you use it, it is a very useful (and powerful) tool. If you don’t use it, here are some ways that you can use Twitter in class.

 Twitter discussions after class.

Do you ever feel like there’s not enough hours in a day to teach a lesson? The lesson doesn’t have to end just because class is over. You can hold Twitter discussions online with your students. Tweet out discussions questions and encourage your students to participate!

Class announcements on Twitter.

Quiz next Monday? Class trip to the local art museum is cancelled? Or to remind them that school is closed on Wednesday? Twitter is the perfect place to make these announcements. It keeps students up-to-date with the latest classroom news. If you’re using Twitter with younger students, it can also keep parents informed about upcoming classroom events!

Share useful information.

Don’t limit your students’ knowledge with just the readings assigned for homework. If you find a relevant article or an interesting video, tweet it out to them. Or, if you find some materials that can help them clarify some topics or questions, tweet it out too! It can be articles, videos, pictures, anything!

 Practice writing skills on Twitter.

Even though Twitter offers a 140-character limit, this doesn’t mean students can’t practice their writing skills. What’s even better is that you can encourage students to write creatively while staying within the character limit. TeachThought offers some writing activities that you can use with students, which includes vocabulary building and grammar review.

We are interested in learning how you use Twitter in class! Tweet it to us @officialvoki!

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